A VOICE  « a musician among musician » (Francis PAUDRAS).

Casting: Elene Dee Voice – Eddie Gomez Dbass – Billy Drewes Saxophones – David Berkman Piano – Matt Wilson Drums – DEEOLOGY (Elene ‘s composition)

New Project 2018 – 2019 Elene DEE Voix – Andy LAVERNE  Piano

Voice - Piano

The very first note is testimony to this living force – someone is there, a living being that sings – it’s just more than just a voice in a microphone .(Yvan AMAR) 

« One night around 8pm while listening to France Music, I had the pleasant surprise to hear an extraordinary voice with a special timbre and tessitura expanding on an unexpected repertoire. I waited until the end of the program to find out who the singer was in order to buy this record, which gave me so much pleasure. A few second after  the record they announcer said: Elene DEE  » – (Martial SOLAL)         




Two specialists of the Bill Evans’ Music.

They revisit Bill’s most daring pieces, as well as

some of their own compositions.

Elene Dee uses her voice as a musician

vocalizing the original notes of Bill.

Along with Andy LaVerne, they create

a musical dialogue.

Andy LaVerne has a great knowledge

of this music,

he took private lessons

from the legendary jazz pianist.

« Conversation with Bill Evans », is a dedication

which demonstrates their love of his music

with a unique approach.

DUET: 2018 – 2019 “Conversation with Bill Evans”, Elene Dee Vocalist – Andy LaVerne Pianist