A fairly Woman Reunion, Ben Affleck’s cool Feet and a $17 Million Payday: 20 Secrets About Runaway Bride Revealed

A fairly Woman Reunion, Ben Affleck’s cool Feet and a $17 Million Payday: 20 Secrets About Runaway Bride Revealed

by Tierney Bricker | Tue., Jul. 30, 2019 3:00 AM

It absolutely was the film ten years into the making—in more ways than one.

Nine years after Pretty girl made Julia Roberts a star and turned Richard Gere into certainly one of Hollywood’s many sought-after leading men, the iconic pair that is on-screen reunited in Runaway Bride.

Released on July 30, 1999, Roberts and Gere again teamed up using their Pretty Woman manager Garry Marshall, whom died in 2016, for the romantic-comedy about a tiny city woman therefore afraid of dedication that she actually is dashed through the altar 3 x additionally the jaded divorced newsprint columnist determined to see her run for a fourth time. Obviously, they fall in love.

Fans sprinted ukrainian women for marriage into the movie movie movie theater to see the set’s chemistry, making Runaway Bride, which have been in the works for over ten years with several other a-listers connected to star sooner or later, a larger blockbuster hit than Pretty girl, that has been released in 1990.

But simply since it made more cash than Pretty girl does not mean it absolutely was more productive, as Runaway Bride neglected to captivate experts (making only a 46 % fresh on bad Tomatoes) as well as had certainly one of its movie stars later on admitting it simply don’t capture the secret of these previous movie. (Plus, one of Roberts’ other iconic rom-coms—Notting Hill—came out simply weeks before.)

Nevertheless, as a result of Roberts and Gere’s effortless charm and charisma—both separately and combined—and Marshall’s knack for the genre, Runaway Bride has guaranteed an area as you of Hollywood’s many suffering intimate comedies, even in the event it was hardly ever made together with an ending that is different one point.

Through the A-listers that have been initially likely to star when you look at the film in 1991 to Roberts’ very very own experience as being a bride that is runaway listed here are 20 enjoyable facts you do not realize about Runaway Bride.

1. Although the concept seemed tailor-made for Gere and Roberts to own their Pretty Woman followup, Runaway Bride was actually when you look at the works for over 10 years, with numerous other famous actors set to try out the fighting bride-to-be (times four) and cynical journalist.

First up? In 1992, Geena Davis and Harrison Ford had been set to lead the film, nonetheless it fell aside if the very first manager brought in had issues with the script. On the next few years, movie movie stars like Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, Ellen DeGeneres and Mel Gibson had been all within the mix.

2. However in 1996, Sandra Bullock ended up being enthusiastic about playing Maggie and urged the task ahead. Until she then had some hesitations–much like Maggie along with her suitors–and had been out, with Ben Affleck and Tea Leoni in speaks to dominate, because of the studio liking the notion of a more youthful few. However when Affleck passed, one of several manufacturers made a decision to approach Gere.

3. Before he signed on to relax and play Ike: « Whenever you can get Julia, i am in. while he enjoyed the script, Gere had one condition the studio had to fulfill » Roberts, that has initially been not sure of this film whenever she read a past type of the script years prior, made a decision to take another appearance. And after having a call together with her old Pretty Woman man that is leading the film movie movie stars had been willing to reunite.

« People have now been looking to get them right straight back together for nine years, » studio producer Tom Rosenberg told The Los Angeles instances. « And abruptly it happened—it ended up being all settled in a week »

4. The phone that is next ended up being one Gere and Roberts would need to make together, because they needed to pursue their Pretty Woman manager to really make the reunion formally complete by directing their love tale once more. There is one hitch however, as Marshall had guaranteed to just take their spouse to Australia for the vacation that is much-needed.

« They said, ‘Get off the telephone, you want to confer with your spouse, » Marshall recalled to your book. « They shared with her things such as, ‘ just exactly How many times do we get an opportunity to do that?’ and, ‘we are going to just take excellent care of him,’ therefore finally we stated, ‘OK, we’ll get it done.' »

5. The trio’s provided history made filming Runaway Bride a fairly experience that is stress-free the trio, with Marshall noting a big change in his main character, now equipped with ten years of expertise on sets in accordance with stardom.

« Richard was indeed extremely careful on Pretty girl, but this time around he had been much more ready to be funny, » the manager stated. « Mostly we chatted within our very very very own shorthand that is little. All I experienced to accomplish had been yell ‘Action’ and ‘Shut up.' »

6. After getting A-listers Roberts and Gere up to speed, the film’s budget soared to $70 million, an unusually large number for an enchanting comedy. As well as back-end gross on the movie, Roberts attained $17 million on her behalf dashes through the altar, while Gere pocketed $12 million. The movie stars shown worthy of the big paydays, as Runaway Bride launched at # 1 during the field workplace, attracting a week-end total of approximately $35 million, undoubtedly the opening that is best ever for a Roberts movie at that time.

7. While Runaway Bride went on to gross over $150 million domestically (and $300 million internationally), learning to be a blockbuster hit, it received not as much as stellar reviews, with Gere later on searching back regarding the film in a job interview with Entertainment Weekly and admitting, « Whatever that miracle was at the movie that is first you cannot make that happen. While there is some wonderful material in the film, it surely did not have the miracle regarding the very first one. The expectation it was likely to have that exact same type of delicious miracle ended up being reckless. It absolutely was another type of film, it absolutely was an alternate time, she was at an unusual destination, I happened to be in a different sort of spot. »

8. Manufacturing descended upon the little city of Berlin, Md., making it the fictional and quirky Hale, Md. for the film, and place near to $1 million in to the economy that is local upped the true property market and nearly doubling tourism following the film’s launch.

« we have actually been completely surprised, » Berlin’s then Chamber president told The Baltimore Sun associated with the impact the film had around town of just 3,000 individuals. « the film had been the Midas touch that introduced our city to many individuals. It place us regarding the map. »

9. When known as « America’s Coolest Small Town » by Budget Travel, hosting the Roberts-Gere car remains a spot of pride for Berlin, because of the city holding a Runaway Bride thirty days in August to commemorate the anniversary that is 20th.

« People also come in plus they desire to hear, ‘Hey did you will get to generally meet Richard Gere? what exactly is Julia Roberts like? Can the house is seen by us? Where had been the bridal shop?' » Ivy Wells, Economic and Community developing Director of Berlin, said. « We thought guess what happens, we are going to supply the individuals what they need and so they wish to commemorate the film so we’re likely to get it done up for the twentieth anniversary. »

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