Elene DEE  Jazz Vocalist

Singer – Composer – Arranger

Education: Bachelor degree /She is a self-taught musician. She has the talent to hear the music and the notes, she works with passion. She started to play guitar at 9Y.Old, the Piano at 14Y.Old. Elene Dee is very demanding and passionated. She learned how to read the music, she composes & writes her own music, she met the famous Jazz musician, she worked, recorded and performed with them all over the world. Elene Dee is an unique Artist and teacher.                                                                                                                                                      

Multiple Experiences in France, Europe, USA from 1986 to 2018. 

 New Project  2018.

(detail on page HOME)   DUET ELENE DEE  & ANDY LAVERNE  Voice – Piano – 

PARIS Project 2018: Workshop – Residence with AFFINITY VOICE

« Ruby my Dear » + Concerts.

Concerts / project – Residence: « VOYAGE » Painters – Voice – Saxophone – Dbass. April/ May/ June 2018

USA: New York 2015- 2018

Concert in Duet ELENE DEE Voice – ANDY LAVERNE Piano – Concert at the Cornelia Street Café West Village NYC January 2nd.

NY: Concerts – Workshop – teaching at the LOFT  Gallery – LA VITRINE.  Williamsburg Brooklyn. 

with Will Fownes Pianist/ and A Capella.

She met Kazuma Fugimoto (guitarist) wonderful composer/ from Japan.

She performed with some young painters on NYC: Project: Painting and Voice in “LIVE”, some crazy adventures she loved to make it existing ! And some exhibits with young Photographer like: Naomi Petit.

USA: 2015: “Conversation with Bill Evans » Elene Dee (Voice) – Andy LaVerne (Piano) – Mike Richmond (DBass). It was a conversation between the compositions of Bill Evans and our compositions.

FRANCE: Duo – Elene Dee (Voice), Francis Lockwood (Piano) at Champs/Marne – Paris  / Also with Olivier Hutman (Piano) + a Gospel choir arranged by Elene Dee at Tousson, at the “Chapelle des Lombards” – Paris, and at Nanterre…

2014: Concerts with: with A Gospel Choir .

In Duet: with Dominique Di Piazza (Guitar Bass)

In Trio: with Henri Florens (Piano) and Sylvain Beuf (Saxophones)

Concert in Duet “Voice and Drums”: Elene Dee (Voice) and John Betsch (Drums)

Concerts in Paris with David Berkman (pianist).

2012 – France:

Album  « When night turns Into day to Metheny. »  Franco – American group

Casting: Elene Dee (Voice) – David Berkman (Piano synthesizer – Clavinette) – Billy Drewes (Saxophones) – Dominique Di Piazza (Guitar Bass) – Manhu Roche (Drums) – Thomas Bramerie (DBass) Tour, presentation at “Le Duc des Lombards” .

2010: In quartet:

Concerts with Olivier Hutman (Piano) / Dominique Di Piazza (Bass) / John Betsch (Drums)

At the Sunset – Paris / At the Cap Breton Jazz / at the The 9Jazz club / festivals: “Jazz Diva” and  in the several places…with Olivier Hutman/ Dominique Di Piazza / Gildas Boclé (Bass).

2009: Elene Dee performed and taught  Masters Classes, Workshops in USA, in Europe, …./

2008: at Radio France, France Musique « Jazz sur le Vif » with Xavier Prevost, Concert « Live » Elene Dee  (Voice) / David Berkman (Piano) /Billy Drewes (Saxophones) – (Emission broadcast May//./ concerts in France, Bordeaux / at the Sunset in Paris..// at the Duc des Lombards Paris.

USA: some Concerts Elene Dee : Voice Solo “A Capella” at the Baptist chapel of Brooklyn NY

France: 2007: the Fontenelles JAZZ Festival at Nanterre with the Gospel Choir A Capella arranged by Elene DEE.

Concerts:  At the Music House of Nanterre, at the Jean Cocteau Auditorium of Noisiel/ at several venues…

2006/   Concerts: “Sacred Music of Duke Ellington” with a choir directed by Elene Dee, the  music is arranged by Laurent Mignard.

2005/: Musical Comedy “Cotton Club” Residence:

+ Duet with Antoine Hervé pianist at Theatre Jean Cocteau, Maison de La Musique de Nanterre…

2005 USA: “New York Winter Jazz Festival” at the (Knitting Factory) Trio: David Berkman (Piano) / Billy  Drewes (Saxophones) / Elene Dee (Voice)//

France: A Creation on  Charles MINGUS ’s music arranged by Elene Dee for 25 singers in polyphonie.

2005 USA: on Elene Dee ‘s musical compositions + lyrics  of “An American Wedding”: production Barbara Landorme / recording of a generic in NYC for a US TV show with Elene Dee (Voice), Eddie Gomez (DBass), Billy Drewes (Saxophones), David Berkman (Piano), Matt Wilson/(Drums).

2004 France: Contemporary creation « GEORGE S. » The Music is composed by Alain Angelaere,Concert in Festival:

Duet Elene Dee with a Alain Engelaere on the computer

2004 Trio Elene DEE on her compositions //Jazz Festival of Rives de Giers “ A Diva at L’horme” ! Paul Pioli Guitar – Gilles Naturel DBass.

2002  Duo: Elene Dee (Voice) – Dominique Di Piazza (Guitar Bass), concerts.

2002/2003 ITALY with broadcast TV Rai¨Uno //Festival San Remo Jubilee with Jean Marc Brisson (Pianist)


Elene Dee performed at the Paris Jazz Festival – of André Francis , Foire of Paris

2001:  » at the  Cité de la Musique – Marseille » tribute to Billie Holiday.

1999/2000: Creation « Precious Moment” : Elene Dee (voice), Rémi Vignolo (bass), Joe. Chindamo (Piano)Paul. Pioli (Guitar),

Guadeloupe, Elene Dee at the Festival of Baie Mahaut

several concerts in France and in Europe …/also at the Jazz Club Convergence La Ciotat,

2000  France: Duet with Alain Jean Marie: pianist / Festival Boulognes Billancourt

USA NYC /1998: Creation “Light of God” (voice, saxophones, photos) in Red Circle Studio /New York City/ David Saxe (photographer of the New York Times Magazine), Billy Drewes (saxophones).and Ratzo Harris (DBass).

NYC : From 1994 to 1998:

Duet: Elene Dee(Voice) Eddie Gomez(Bass),

In quartet at the Birdland: Elene Dee performed with Ratzo Harris (DBass),Mark Feldman (Violin) 

At the Sono Art Festival at Norwalk Ct, Barnes & Nobles CT,

NYC: at the Visiones Jazz Club, at the Cornelia Street Cafe, at the Bunny’s, with Ron Mc Clure(Bass) …/(1995 musical partner Creating a Jazz Club DIVA STUDIO in Connecticut). 


Quartet with Gordon Beck (Piano), Jean François Jenny Clark (DBass), Simon Goubert (Drums)  / at the Jazz Festival at Fashes-Thumesnil,Espace Julien Marseille, at “La Ferme de Font Robert” at Chateau Arnoux…

1991 Elene Dee(Voice) – Kenny Werner (Piano) In duet,  and  in quartet with: Jean François Jenny Clark (Bass) John Betsch (Drums). At Caveau de Saint Fons, La Lune des Pirates Amiens, Theatre of Cholet, JAZZ at CAEN, at Toulouse, at Bordeaux,

Then Elene Dee performed again with:

In quartet: Aldo Romano (Drums), and Michel Benita (DBass),  Paul Pioli (Guitar), at “L’Abbaye des Prémontré” at  Pont à Mousson,

In Trio: Henri Florens (Piano) and Marc Michel Le Bevillon (DBass) At  the Jazz Festival at Aulnay Sous Bois:

In Trio: Henri Florens (Piano) and Jean François Jenny Clarke (Bass), At “La Marie Guedon » Torcy MVL,

In Trio: Alain Jean Marie (Piano) and François Moutin (DBass) at “Aux Alligators”, Paris,

In Quartet: Henri Florens (Piano), Ricardo Del Fra (Bass) Sangoma Everett (Drums) At “Le Petit Journal de Montparnasse” at Paris,

In trio: Henri Florens (Piano) and Jean Bardy (Bass) at “Le Magnetic Terrasse”,

In trio: Laurent de Wilde (Piano and Simon Spanghansen (Saxo) At “La Marie Guedon”,

In trio: Hervé Selling (Piano), Paul Hamm(Bass) at the first part of “Steve Colemans and Five Elements” At Torcy Jazz Festival,

In Trio: François Moutin (Bass) and Hervé Sellin (Piano) At Radio France,

In Trio: Henri Florens (Piano) and Wayne Dockry (Bass) At the New Morning,

In trio: Patrice Caratini (Bass) Concert at Istres,

At the Festival “Les Temps Chauds” at Chatillon sur Chalaronnes with Antoine Duhamel trio with Cyril Martial (Piano) and Bernard Abeille (DBass),

At the 7lézards And more concerts….

From 1988 to 1991:

Elene Dee with Hermeto Pascoal Group//Elene Dee Duo with Richard Galliano/ in Duo with Warren Bernhardt /Tribute to Bill Evans, Saint Quentin Festival director Francis Paudras,

Presentation of her album at “Le Café de La Danse” at Paris, Her photographer was Jean Pierre Leloir,  Henri Florens (Piano), Jean François Jenny Clark (DBass),

Concert at Sceaux ’s Theatre, Elene Dee (Voice),  Henri Florens (Piano), Eddie Gomez (DBass),

Creation at Marne La Vallée Festival : Elene Dee (Voice) Henri Florens (Piano), Eddie Gomez (Bass) .

ALBUM: « I Do It For Your Love, Bill » Label La Lichère.

1986 Elene Dee invented a personal Vocal technic.

1988 she interprets the right hand of Bill Evans in the original key of the Pianist.Then she met Henri Florens pianist, who perfectly knew Bill ’s music. They continued the project together.

TV Lille: Canal 9 – FR3 LILLES

TV – Paris M6 Journalist Philippe Adler – France

TV Antenne 2 Paris

TV FR3 –  Marseille France

TV FR3 – Paris

TV Coquelicot Torcy MLV-  France

TV RAI UNO – Italy

TV NYC – USA 58 channels broadcasting “An American Wedding” with Barbara Landorme.

Radio: France Culture, FIP, FIM, France Inter, France Musique, RFI, TSF, RTL, EUROPE 1, Radio Aligre,

Radio Judaïque FM, Radio Notre Dame, Radio Campus, Radio Vallée FM, Radio Anarchie, France Musique Limousin.

Presse: L’express, Jazz Magazine, femme Actuelle, Télérama, Le Nouvel Observateur, La Voix du Nord, La Croix, L’humanité, Libération, Le Point, Politis,  Jazz Hot Magazine , Le Parisien, La Terrace, The New York Times Magazine, Village Voice, Le New Yorker, All about Jazz …


1992 LYON France,  Workshop, Coaching with the Vocal Group AVOIXCADABRA,

1994 at DIVA STUDIO NORWALK CT USA: Teaching and Workshop, Coaching… Concerts

1995 to 1997: NYC /US Teaching, Coaching, Workshop, Concerts

1998 to 2015: Europe- Italy / PARIS – France / NYC _ USA.

Teaching, coaching , Arrangement for Choir, Workshop, Concerts

In different Gospel Churches, Workshops,


Different  period of jazz music from the New Orleans to the contemporary with voices arrangement for choir:

  • the Cotton Club (A Musical Comedy), (Duke Ellington’ s music),
  •  Miles Davis “TUTU”  A Musical Comedy,
  • JAZZ Brazilian  from Stan Getz to Hermeto Pascoal ( A Contemporary Brazilian’s Music)
  •  Django Reinhardt’s Music or again of Glen Miller ’s Music,
  • Charles Mingus ‘s Music
  •  the Christmas Carols,
  • the Negro- Spiritual .
  • the SACRED MUSIC of DUKE ELLINGTON, (Concert with the Duke Orchestra of Paris. Laurent Mignard)
  • “New York, New York”
  • Marco Miolany RAP/JAZZ and the choir.