-(Photos Isabelle Trubert).
Let me introduce myself and to tell you more about my meaning, and my approach. Just a little resume:
Nobody can speak about myself like I can do it. Normal !!!
I started the Piano at 7y.old and the Guitar at 8y.old. I never learned it. I started to listen the music and play it. It already was my passion. Every day.
Then, I started to sing the New Orleans music with a band at 19y.old We performed some concerts at the HOT BRASS (Aix en Provence), and the venue « Espace Julien Marseille »…then everywhere in France, the pianist was Philippe Milanta (he was young).
I met Benny Powell ( A famous Trombonist of Count Basie Orchestra). He taught me how to breathe.
So I started to work and to understand what to do with my voice.
I never met a singing teacher because I always had a deep feeling about the music that I had to improve, I had to work, …every day, to find myself …like… I knew what I wanted to do, and I was afraid to take another way with a teacher.
But me, I’m a teacher because I try to understand what people wants or needs ! Some of my students call me, « Doctor DEE »
So I’m always in research of the best that I can give about my sound, my feeling, my compositions…
I recorded 15 of my compositions with Eddie Gomez (double Bass) on NYC in 2005, that I didn’t share a lot, even until today. We also worked together in duet on his compositions. it’s still relevant.
We made some concerts together, even in duet, Eddie and me in US and in France.
I am a true person, I only can give a true perception of myself, of my world, when I perform.
I know the famous Jazz singers, but I can’t imitate somebody like them, I don’t have a pleasure to do it, because I am ELENE DEE, and my desire is to share my musicality, my way of thinking. I found my own vocal technic as a musician.

My voice is my improvisation « tool », like a guitar player or a pianist…It is why, I don’t change the key of the standards as a singer, I prefer  everything in the original key.
I’m always ready, to meet a musician on stage, even at the last minute, even at CAPELLA, I can perform.
On NYC, I did some Duet( saxophones/voice) with Billy Drewes.
So now you will tell me: Are you a singer ? It is so difficult to answer to you. I can sing as a singer on every standard, I have a lot of knowledge about the Jazz Music, the musician and the singers. I started with the period of Bessie Smith (Blues Empress) on « Careless Love » even with Myriam Klein, Billie Holiday, Helen Humes, and the musician of this period too like, Arnett Cobb, Roy Eldridge, Coleman Hawkins and I also really know the music of Gill Evans Orchestra, Ornette Coleman, or again, the Vienna Art Orchestra with Lauren Newton, ( a crazy singer), and all these great musician, Dizzy, Coltrane, Steve Lacy, Jeremy Steig, Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter, Mingus, Ellington, Basie, you know ?… all the periods of the Jazz music, so I can’t mention everything in my blog, but I really know the musical conversation of themselves , their approach, with who they performed and recorded and when..etc…
My really LOVE, My influences came from Bill Evans, and his solo, I learned a lot with his harmony and his voicing, sometimes, I only sang his voicing… And of course the Master Coltrane, even Miles the genius…
About Bill, I learned about his life, his approach, his conception, his choice, his group, so his music through all this.
I built my voice as a musician, I did an adaptation with my voice, so I invented my way of singing.
But I just do my music, without a net, I give everything that I have, so I’m also very demanding.
The essential is to exist and to fight myself with passion, with my soul.
My way is to play like an instrument. Most of the time, in the harmony of the piece that I sing, I use my voice in several octaves.
So, to keep this Voice technic, you have to work every day. !
I just find a great energy in myself, in every situation, and I give myself to people with Love.
And you know what ? It is so good !!! and too good to be today in my new project with a musician like Andy LaVerne. Because, he’s so genius, he has a lot of knowledge, and even if I go where I want during my solo, even if I take a lot of risks, he’s always with me, he follows me, and it’s so great.
Like a Masterpiece.
Henri Florens has this potential too. I also love Henri, forever !   –  (Elene DEE).