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Save countless amounts through CCV’s secondary education options. Understand how.

Save countless amounts through CCV’s secondary education options. Understand how.

Vermont’s Dual Enrollment program offers Vermont senior high school juniors and seniors the chance to earn up to six college credits at CCV. This means your credits help you finish high school and begin college, all in the time that is same!

Talk with your twelfth grade guidance counselor about applying your college credits toward your school credit that is high requirement. Students underneath the age of 16 need special permission to enroll at CCV. Contact your local CCV academic center for information.

We will review your application and contact you to explain your specific next steps after you apply for admission. For the time being, we advice you do listed here:

  • Apply for a Vermont dual enrollment voucher.
  • Schedule a New Student Appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your goals and specific steps for enrolling. Contact your preferred CCV center that is academic schedule this meeting.
  • Complete your skills assessment. This assessment is employed to help you choose the classes best suited to your academic skills and it is offered, by appointment, after all CCV locations. Official SAT or ACT scores which can be less than three years old could be submitted for review instead.
  • Browse our course schedule for classes you are searching for taking. You ought to discuss your possible choices with your senior school guidance counselor to see if you’re able to earn senior school credits for the college class.

Introduction to College & Careers

CCV offers a totally free, non-credit Introduction to College & Careers (ICC) course for high school students each semester. ICC prepares you for college by helping you set goals, problem-solve, manage time and stress, improve communication skills, take better notes, reduce test anxiety, and plan financially.

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The Parent’s Guide to the very PSAT (and PSAT Report Release)

The Parent’s Guide to the very PSAT (and PSAT Report Release)

Ways to turn PSAT scores straight into an POSED plan.

You might’ve heard of the very SAT, known as The Academic Aptitude Test. The LAY is a standardized test of which high schoolers take in addition to send that will colleges for his or her consideration.

But what about the S KOMMET?

The Early Scholastic Understanding Test is also a standardized experiment for college-bound high schoolers. Basically, really (1) some sort of practice examine for the KOMMET and (2) the passing test for those National Worth Scholarship.

Here we’re going to explain what moms and dads need to know within the PSAT: the gender predictor, why the item matters and how they can turn PSAT scores towards an LAY plan.

PSAT Scores with the class connected with 2020 will be out. You are able to access your company scores through the College Aboard here. Confused what to do future? This article serves as your plan from PSAT scores to an SAT system, so read custom essay paper on!

What is the PSAT?

The PSAT is a train test for that SAT in which high school youngsters take on another Wednesday throughout October of junior time. It’s also the exact qualifying evaluation for the Indigenous Merit Grant. If you take the very first thing away from this post, let it get this: colleges and universities look at SEATED scores; many people don’t bring PSAT rates.

Keep in mind: the fact that the PSAT rankings pretty reduced on the should-I-freak-out-about-this scale.

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