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Requirements for graduate qualification work; needs for the structure and content of work

Requirements for graduate qualification work; needs for the structure and content of work

Graduate work regarding the graduate professional (needed brevity graduation work, but thought as graduate certification work, GQW) is really a certification work of academic and research nature performed by graduates on such basis as theoretical knowledge and practical abilities acquired for the five-year amount of research. It aims to combine and expand the knowledge that is theoretical into the specialty and specialization, and also shows the expert reasoning developed throughout the study, the relevant skills and abilities of using theoretical knowledge for the formula and solution of particular clinical problems, the capability to carry out a crucial analysis associated with clinical literary works and creatively discuss the outcome and practices research.

General needs for final qualification work

The graduation work is performed during the graduating departments regarding the faculty, that offer topics of diploma works and determine their leaders that are scientific. The pupil gets the straight to choose the main topic of work from one of the proposed by the department, together with proposition of their subject, while providing the justification that is necessary the expediency of their manufacturing. The theme associated with diploma is normally linked to the themes for the coursework and bachelor’s work done by the learning pupil in 2-4 courses. Scientific leaders must certanly be, as being a guideline, individuals having a systematic level or title that is academic. The graduating department can invite scientific advisers for specific sections of the work if the diploma work is interdisciplinary in nature or is related to the themes of other organizations and institutions.

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