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Bootcamp Queries, Answered: Q& A having Metis Admissions + Job Support

Bootcamp Queries, Answered: Q& A having Metis Admissions + Job Support


What kind of degree and relevent work history do you try to find in individuals?
We’re certainly not looking for a particular degree. Half of our college students have a Masters or Ph. D., as you move the other half has a Bachelor’s. A lot of the majors are actually STEM (eng, bio/chem/physics, or quant enjoy econ/math/finance). Having said that, our application requires command line over the essentials of Python, and you will be looked at on your math/stats background, the item may or may not correlate to your field(s) of preceding study. Take a look at this page to observe some more information.

Is it used in future applicants to the boot camp to take the two Intro to Data Research and Starter Python & Math curriculums or just one of them?
A lot of pupils choose hands down the 2 tutorials to take determined their backgrounds and needs, while some other people people take both. Here’s a page by using a really comprehensive breakdown associated with what the courses offer in comparison with what’s taught in the boot camp and exactly what is on the application. Also, a note: you can put on the cost of one part-time preparation course to cost of your own bootcamp college tuition upon entrance.

Is there a control on the wide variety of times you may apply to Metis?
We will surely provide opinions and give anyone steps to increase for a long term application. There isn’t a limit over the number of use, but rather all of us ask that applicants re-apply after taking the steps we tend to recommend.

Do you have an online bootcamp program?
We now have two live-online bootcamp ready courses, however the bootcamp themselves is brought onsite throughout SF, NYC, SEA as well as CHI during the U. S i9000. and in Singapore abroad.



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